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6 Oct 2023 | 13:13
  • United Nations reports the world is only 15% towards its global sustainability targets for 2030.

  • General Assembly in New York is told ‘Young people demand urgent action’.

  • Coalition supports action with plans for online directory to drive connectivity and build awareness of sport for development in the UK.

2024 is set to be the biggest year yet for sport for development – and the Coalition is calling on its supporters to come together and play their part.

With the UK set for a General Election, and global sport convening in Paris for the Olympic and Paralympic Games, the Coalition wants to raise awareness in the sport sector about how we can collectively play a key role in achieving a series of sustainable development goals (SDGs) set by the United Nations in 2015, and cited in the UK Government’s recent 'Get Active' strategy.

The SDGs are a series of targets around issues like poverty, health and wellbeing, equality and climate action which governments around the world have committed to achieve by the year 2030. However, at the UN’s General Assembly in New York earlier this month, Secretary General António Guterres reported that, at their halfway stage, “only 15% of the targets are on track, and many are going in reverse”. He added: “Young people and civil society groups demand urgent action”.

To mark the release of the report, a re-working of Al Pacino's famous half-time talk from the 1999 film 'Any Given Sunday' was released. Watch it above.

So how can we respond?

STEP ONE: If you are an individual why not find out more about a UK-based community sport programme or sport for development charity that is addressing some of the issues being raised? Over the coming months, the Coalition will be showcasing its network so you can find member organisations close to you, or who are tackling an issue you care about.

STEP TWO: If you represent a community sport or sport for development programme sign our Charter and join the growing UK-wide movement. Once you become a member of the Coalition, you will learn more about how to support collective impact and advocacy through our #OpenGoal framework which will help build greater awareness and secure collective investment for the sector.

STEP THREE: If you are already a Coalition member, we’re calling for your support in showcasing the movement and building advocacy and awareness for sport for development. In early 2024 we will be publishing an open and online directory of Coalition supporters to enable a greater level of connectivity and insight across the network.

To commence this process, in November we will be conducting an annual survey of the Coalition’s network to better understand its make-up, impact, priorities and needs. This survey will only take a few minutes to complete.

If, as a Coalition member, you would like your organisation to participate in the survey then please fill out this form which will also allow for your organisation to be listed in this first phase. We have extended the deadline for completion and would ask that you complete this form by 6th October. 

Thank you for your support. In 2024 let’s team up to make it clear….

Sport for development is an open goal we can no longer afford to miss.