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22 Apr 2021 | 13:13

A new 'Active Recovery Hub' has been launched to provide schools, local authorities and families with easy access to free resources to get children moving before, during and after the school day. 

The online hub will host hundreds of practical ideas to get children moving throughout the day and help them achieve the recommended 60 minutes of daily activity, as the sports, physical activity and education sectors seek to support the recovery from Covid-19. Schools and users can search for activities by age and the time of day that they want to get active. 

Youth Sport Trust and Sport England have led the creation of the Active Recovery Hub with the support of funding from the National Lottery. It follows a commitment in the Government’s School Sport and Activity Action Plan to extend the School Games website to help teachers and parents find opportunities for young people to compete and get active. It also follows Government investment of £1.7billion to boost learning and recovery for children and young people following the Covid-19 pandemic.

Active Recovery Hub

Ali Oliver, Chief Executive of the Youth Sport Trust, said: “The Active Recovery Hub will make it easy for schools to access age-appropriate content so children can be helped to be active, recover their wellbeing and re-engage in school.” 

Ali, who is also a Board member of the Sport for Development Coalition, added: “Teachers have told us they recognise the importance of physical activity and the outdoors in children’s recovery, but they have so much on their plate at the moment, we want to make it simple for them. The hub will support schools to find easy to use and engaging content all in one place, removing some of the barriers currently faced. 

 “With National School Sport Week just around the corner in June, the Active Recovery Hub and joined-up approach from the school sport and physical activity sector will be vital in supporting children to have fun and celebrate the life changing benefits of play and sport.” 

Visit the Active Recovery Hub. Schools can also begin to register here for National School Sport Week.