Persion instructing supporting disabled man in a gym

Activity Alliance has released new resources on ‘Supporting disabled people from low-income households to be active’.

The engagement factsheet is the latest in a collection of resources that advise sport and physical activity providers on inclusive practice.

It is aimed at helping providers plan, target and deliver more appealing and accessible opportunities for disabled people.


Research from Sport England shows that disabled people from lower socio-economic groups are much more likely to be physically inactive than disabled people from more affluent groups (43% compared to 29%). They are also three times more likely to be inactive than non-disabled people from higher socio-economic groups inactive (43% versus 14%).

The factsheet provides insight on how deprivation affects some disabled people’s lives, and explores the relationship between poverty and disability.

Ray Ashley, Activity Alliance’s Strategic Lead for Partnerships, said: “We want to empower organisations by providing the right support, connections and insight so that more disabled people have access to fair activity opportunities.

“Our latest factsheet is an important addition in supporting activity providers and organisations to encourage more disabled people to be active.”


The factsheet was created in partnership with Professor Tess Kay, Professor of Sport, Health and Social Science at the University of Stirling.

She added: “I am so pleased to see this important guidance emerging. Low income can have an enormous impact on people’s participation in sport and physical activity, but it is often overlooked.

“It is not just about being short of cash – there are so many associated effects, from stress and worry, to poor everyday living conditions. As this resource explains, disabled people can be at greater risk. This timely guidance has a wide relevance, especially at this uncertain time. I really applaud Activity Alliance for taking the lead on this crucial issue.”

Access the factsheet here.

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