Accessible impact measurement and reporting

The Sport for Development Coalition has worked with State of Life to develop an impact portal to help individual organisations and the sector as a whole improve the ways that they measure, record and demonstrate the impact they are making.

The portal includes a core survey that has been co-created by organisations across the Coalition to help democratise, demystify and aggregate the social impact of Sport for Development.

The survey draws on validated questions from UK population surveys. This helps organisations track how participants improve over time but also how they compare to the national data.

These survey is deployed through a Progressive Web App (PWA) meaning questions can be completed on mobile devices without using up phone memory or needing to be downloaded. If a group prefers to collect data on paper, a PDF version of the survey can be downloaded and printed off. The data can then be manually entered (through the PWA) when convenient. Organisations can also access a dashboard that provides real time reporting of results.


The objective of developing the portal is to help Sport for Development organisations learn, improve and ultimately evidence the difference they make, while supporting efforts to more effectively measure the impact of the sector at scale.

If you are interested in learning more about the impact portal please contact us.