Accessible impact measurement and reporting

The Collective Survey Tool and Reporting Dashboard includes a core survey which has been co-created by organisations across the Coalition and State of Life to help democratise, demystify and aggregate the social impact of sport for development.  

The survey draws on validated questions from UK population surveys. This helps organisations track how participants improve over time, and also how they compare to the national data.  

Impact Portal

Over the next year, a diverse sample of organisations from across the Coalition will have the opportunity to utilise the Collective Survey Tool and Reporting Dashboard, to both enhance their organisational M&E (monitoring and evaluation) system and, through this collective action, contribute to understanding and evidencing the overall impact of the sport for development sector.   

Organisations wanting to utilise the tool should: 

  1. Review our Frequently Asked Questions document;  
  2. Review the Expression of Interest Process document
  3. Complete the Online Expression of Interest form.

The intention is to make the Collective Survey Tool accessible to a sample of organisations, including those who have less experience in M&E. For more information please contact the Sport for Development Coalition.