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4 Aug 2021 | 8:08

Sport for development organisations are being encouraged to sign up to the Coalition’s new initiative on shared measurement and learning, and help demonstrate the sector’s collective impact and contribution towards tackling key social issues. 

More than 50 have already signed up to the Coalition’s Collective Survey Tool and Reporting Dashboard, a tool which can be used by sport for development organisations to support their monitoring and evaluation (M&E) processes. There’s still space for more organisations to join before the deadline of September 22nd. 

The Collective Survey Tool and Reporting Dashboard draws on validated questions from UK population surveys. Utilising common questions and collecting consistent data will help create a large, anonymised and representative sport for development sample that is consistent with, and can be compared against national level data. This will assist in understanding, learning from and articulating the collective impact of sport for development approaches as well as make the case for supportive policy and funding provision. When signing up, organisations are also invited to join a ‘Community of Practice’ where they can receive support and advice, and input into with their own experiences, evidence and good practice.


Kelly Smith, Insight and Engagement Officer for the Coalition, explained: “This is an important first step towards achieving shared measurement across the sport for development sector, and receiving shared data – at scale – on wider outcomes, beyond participation and physical activity. 

“Shared measurement is important because we have lots of examples of individual learning, and lots of strong qualitative case studies from across the sector, but we don’t yet have the quantitative measures at scale which enable the sector to speak with one voice when we look at advocacy and influencing policy. Having shared data that we can compare to national datasets will enable us to speak with a strong united voice in advocating  for policy change.” 

The Community of Practice enables organisations to communicate and learn from other partners across the Coalition’s growing network. 

Kelly added: “With the Community of Practice there are a broad range of organisations who vary by size, geography, focus areas and levels of M&E experience; all of these organisations are coming together to learn from each other and share their unique experiences.


“Having those different levels allows for the opportunity for sharing and learning from your colleagues in the sector. It’s about helping to democratise the sector to strengthen it.” 

The Collective Survey Tool and Reporting Dashboard can be used by sport for development organisations to support their own M&E processes. It allows organisations to track how participants’ responses change based on how long they have been involved with a particular programme, and compare overall responses to national data. 

The tool also includes question that use standard demographic data to enable disaggregation so as to better understand who is taking part in programmes and the outcomes reported by different groups. Overall, the tool helps organisations understand the difference they make.  

Sign up to the Collective Survey Tool and Reporting Dashboard.