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22 Oct 2020 | 11:11

The Sport for Development Coalition has welcomed two important funding announcements for the community sport sector this week.

The Government unveiled a £100million scheme to support local leisure centres, as part of £1billion funding for local councils.

This followed a new £16.5million pot, entitled the ‘Return to Play Fund’, which has taken Sport England’s investment to £220million in response to the Coronavirus pandemic.

The SFDC welcomed the investment as recognition that the sport for development, community sport sector and leisure sector make an important contribution to health and wellbeing, and building stronger communities.

Safe and inclusive sport for development and community sport have a vital role to play in responding to Covid-19. It is essential that the facilities , clubs, charities and community groups who provide these services – especially in disadvantaged communities – are sustained and supported in providing activities for local people which meet Government guidelines around preventing the spread of the virus.

The SFDC will continue in its aim to provide a collective voice on behalf of the Sport for Development movement, and work with partners such as the Sport & Recreation Alliance and ukactive, to assist the Government and Sport England to frame the further support which this crucial community sector requires.